KKross’ coffee, as part of Productos Alimentarios Misky S.A.C., is proud to mention that it is a family owned business that has perfected their coffee roasting process using high quality machines.

We take great care in identifying and selecting the specialist coffee grains chosen from the best harvests of the valleys La Convención and Lares located between (1100 to 1800 a.s.l.), which are free pollution zones.

Where you can get a good cup of coffee in Cusco!

Cusco is the type of city where you can find a big amount of small and big chain restaurants. There are many cafes where you can try the fusion between Peruvian flavors mixed with flavors found on the rest of the continent. Don't be afraid to stop during your daily travel, and visit one of the following cafes to try their select coffee variety:
Kross’coffee recommends you visit our stores to try our coffee the following places are good as well:

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Address: Pqe. Industrial C – 11 Cusco Peru
Phone: +51 084 262888
Mobil: +51 984 632507 Movistar
E-mail: prodmisky@yahoo.com
Website: www.krosscoffee.com