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FIt all started when I wanted to put my thesis project, Homemade Jam Production, into practice while pursuing a degree in Economics in 1982.

Those years were really difficult for me because the economy of the country was in recession, adding the lack of job opportunities for women who had children like me.

So I made it happen ... At least I had my thesis project, but I did not trust the materials and resources to carry, so I decided to start a small business from home.

In 1983, I began in my kitchen and with the help of my children, who were giving their approval to every single variety I made.

In those days, my husband worked out of town, and I had to get used to him being away from home much more than either of us wished, making the beginning more difficult since I had to do the house chores and run a small business all by myself!

I remember my first clients were government employees, and I used to leave the products and collect the payment at the end of every month.

With my husband supporting me and the enthusiasm of my children who always encouraged me to keep going, we decided to buy a property.

In October of 2010, we decided to consolidate “Productos alimentarios Misky S.A.C.”, incorporating my children as partners.

The dream that began as a thesis project of a young college girl became true in the kitchen of my house, and is now being passed on to a second generation having modern facilities in the property we bought 25 years ago following the same philosophy and passion of always do the right things.

Patricia Kross





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