From seed to cup

For the last 2 decades, members of our family have been involved in every aspect of coffee preparation including farming, roasting and working with clients of exclusive 5 star hotels and café owners to brew the perfect cup. That experience enables us to ensure the utmost care is taken during every step of coffee preparation- from the farm to your home.

The art of specialty coffee begins on the farms of Vilcabamba and Lares, both located at the Convencion valley, which is very close to the archeological site of Machupicchu, from May to July and during the rainy season from November to May.

Seedlings are carefully planted and nurtured to become fruit-bearing shrubs known as “Coffee Arabica.” Shortly after the flowering, small berries form on the branches and begin to ripen. During harvest season, the fruit, called coffee cherry, is harvested, and then processed using a variety of methods to extract the seed from the surrounding skin and pulp. Each coffee cherry generally contains two seeds, known as beans. The beans are carefully dried and prepared for shipment to our coffee roasting plant.

The best coffees are grown at higher altitudes from 2000 to 6,000 feet above sea level. In general, the higher the altitude, the better the quality. Kross Coffee is grown between 1200 mts or 3000 feet to 1600 mt. or 5000 feet.

When selecting our coffee brands, in addition to favoring high-grown Arabica coffees, we pay close attention to the climate, rainfall and soil conditions, which also contributes to the flavor and quality of each coffee.

Odar Rodriguez Kross regularly visits the farms that grow our coffee to monitor growing, picking, processing and sorting. Over the last 2 decades, we’ve built long-term relationships with the farmers, who help maintain quality control standards at every stage of production. This direct contact allows us to communicate our specific requirements with everyone along the “seed to cup continuum.” It also provides us with transparency and traceability, which allows us to know where each of our coffees is grown and by whom.

As General Manager, Odar Rodriguez works alongside the coffee buyer and quality Assurance staff to ensure that the coffee purchased for the Kross’s brand meets our family’s stringent guidelines.

Once the green (unroasted) coffee arrives at our plant, we try and “cup” a sample of each shipment for quality, aroma and flavor. The term “cupping” refers to the standard step-by-step evaluation method used by coffee professionals.

Only after each shipment has been approved, will we allow it to be roasted as Kross’s Coffee.

The Art & Science of Roasting
The roasting process has a profound influence on the taste, flavor and aroma of your coffee beverage. Our master roaster has been roasting fine quality specialty coffee for the past 2 decades. This experience enables us to roast the carefully selected Kross’s beans to bring out their full flavor and aroma. We use top-of-the line, energy-efficient INSA Burns roasting equipment to ensure perfectly roasted beans.

For your convenience, we package Kross’s coffee in three-laminated bags as well as sealed bags.

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